Veteran rockers TRASH have been rocking stages for 15 years now, amassing well over 10 million streams on their discography and earning a coveted YouTube Silver Play Button. This pioneering band has cemented their status as one of the most quintessential acts in the contemporary Chinese rock scene, revered by legions of devoted headbangers.

傷心欲絕 Wayne’s So Sad


Formed in 2008, this Taiwanese rock outfit Wayne’s So Sad has carved out a reputation for their signature reckless abandon. Characterized by their frenzied, distortion-soaked guitar work and impassioned, ragged vocals, the band has been dubbed one of the “Four Kings of Shida Park” alongside the likes of Touming Magazine, Sleaze and Hang in the Air. Widely regarded as trailblazers of the “Generation of Despair”, Wayne’s So Sad’s visceral, cathartic sound strikes a chord with disillusioned youth.


拍謝少年 Sorry Youth


Sorry Youth: Taiwan’s Hokkien Rock Ambassadors. Formed in 2005, this Taiwanese trio has earned Golden Indie Music Awards (GIMA) for Best Rock Album in 2018 and 2021 respectively. Beginning with virtuosic instrumentals, Sorry Youth over the next 19 years found their niche in blending rock power and Hokkien pop hooks and played a pivotal role in laying the foundation for Taiwanese Hokkien rock music today.

溫蒂漫步 Wendy Wander


Evolving from student project to sought-after festival act, this Taiwanese male-female duo blend indie-pop, synth-euphoria and melodic rock. Their beguiling sound channels the wistful yearnings of youth through intertwined vocals, transporting listeners to realms of bittersweet wonder. Grounded in the everyday dramas of teenage experience, Wendy Wander imbues the quotidian with universal poignancy, marrying accessible hooks and profound emotion to become fixtures on the Taiwanese festival circuit.

海朋森 Hiperson


Hailing from the musical hotbed of Chengdu, this post-punk band has emerged as the figureheads for the city’s thriving millennial scene. Imbuing punk rebellion with earthy mysticism, they grapple unflinchingly with urban realities, retaining honest romanticism amidst the sour, sweet, bitter and spicy flavors of life.



FUMON is made up of lead singer Howard Lee, drummer Sunsays and bassist Kyuu. The band aspires for their music to serve as a special blessing, reaching out to the depths of troubled hearts. Whether you’re lost, in despair, or clinging onto your aspirations, you can rely on FUMON’s music to guide you from darkness into the light. 

恐龍的皮 The Dinosaur’s Skin


Ultra weird and mysterious duo The Dinosaur’s Skin creates music in English, with a playful and satirical tone. Its members Trex and Triceratops can be seen dancing at various festivals, transcending space-time with their unique sound, sparking lively discussions and recommendations since their debut.