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快闪书店 Run for Cover

因嗨唱而累趴的时候,不妨到由Chio Books打造的限定快闪书店歇一歇脚,静下心细品各种中英双语精选读物,丰富内容将涵盖生活时尚及热门话题。

Do judge a book by its cover. Take a breather and browse the shelves of books and assorted reading material in English and Chinese on a range of lifestyle and topical issues curated by the good people of Chio Books

理发服务 A Close Shave

没看错,出席音乐节也能顺道来个顶级理发体验!男士发廊Sultans of Shave,店名取自70年代英国摇滚金曲《Sultans of Swing》,重现乐团前卫的独立精神外,也为男士们打理仪容。男性乐迷可在这里修剪胡须或发型,瞬间变身音乐型男!

No need to fret if you didn’t get the memo. Let the pros from Sultans of Shave style you up to fit right into the festival. Get your beard trimmed or have your hair touched-up or quickly styled by our partners and you will be all set to go!

果胶纹身 Inking About You


Get into the festive spirit with a stylish Jagua ink tattoo. Yes, it’s a temporary form of skin décor using the application of the fruit juice extracted from the Genipa Americana, also known as Jagua. So try one from Henndrawn and get instant cred!

塔罗牌占卜 Read My Mind

音乐所无法为你解答的难题,不妨让Nehesa Ascension的Grace来占卜问卦一番,不仅能进一步了解自己,也能满足一下无穷的好奇心。

Have a burning question that needs dousing? Or seeking the sense of place you misplaced? Have your cards read at the festival by Grace from Nehesa Ascension and come away with a deeper understanding of yourself or simply satisfy your curiosity!

周边商品 Merch & Conquer


Stand out from the crowd by simply customising. Upcycle your denim with an iron-on patch, or accessorise your jacket/hat/top with something from our merchandise booth. And oh, don’t forget to get your hands on the exclusive festival paraphernalia such as T-shirts and bands’ own merchandise.

Read My Mind

by Nehesion Ascension Got a question about life? Just pick a card.

You‘re Cornered

Only at the festival – limited-edition merchandise by The Corner Shop.


Let Indie-rockers Sweet John 甜约翰 and pop-rockers Mixer 麋先生show you how.

Inking About You

Yearning for a temporary tattoo? Get yours by Henndrawn.


Dance away with DJ Robin Chua aka Tiko Disko, Joe Ng and tumozazen.

A Close Shave

Sharpen your look, with a free barber session with Sultans of Shave.

Tuft It Out

with Tuft Club, share the love, make a rug!

Run for Cover

by Chio Books and City Book Room. Take a break! Discover new titles here.


Discover the easy-listening music of Easy Weeds 温室杂草, pogo with Iruka Porisu, and enjoy the happy vibes of folk-rockers Wonfu 旺福.


Wind down with Night Keepers 守夜人and sway to jazz-pop adventurer 9m88.

Tee Up

Breathe new life into your old T-shirts with Muta Wear.

Scent and Stamped

Make your own signature scent with Hyuuga.

Munch Drunk Love


Festival-goers will have an array of F&B options which promise to satiate taste buds of the peskiest of gourmands. From local and western staples to festival bar bites, there are plenty for you to savour.

Coffee Break

Coffee & tea

Big O

Fried onion pancake, rice and noodle

Breadfirst everyday

Bangers & mash, chicken sliders, cutlets, fries

House Downstairs

Gochujang chicken & sourdough


Pasir Panjang Power Station A
27 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 117537

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By Bus

10, 30, 30e, 51, 143, 175, 176, 188, 188e

By Train

Labrador Park MRT Station (CC27).
Take Exit A.

By Car

Strictly NO parking allowed at Pasir Panjang Power Station. Nearest car parks: Mapletree Business City / Alexandra Retail Centre.

By Taxi

Input “27 Pasir Panjang Road” as your destination. Taxi Operators in Singapore here. Private Hire Car Operators in Singapore: Grab / Gojek.

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