This pop-rock quintet won Band of the Year at Taiwan’s prestigious Golden Melody Awards in 2014 for their debut album Circus Movement. A favourite at various music festivals such as Wake Up, MEGAPORT, and Spring Scream, they were also invited to represent Taiwan in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Busan.


Formed in Taiwan in 1998, the indie rock band was nominated five times for Best Band of the Year by the Golden Melody Awards (the equivalent of the Grammy Awards). Outside Asia, Wonfu has received enthusiastic response from overseas fans. Since 2011, they have been invited to perform at SXSW multiple times, as well as Summer Stage Festival in New York City.

前身为Natural Outcome自然发声乐团的甜约翰以数字摇滚、爵士等元素为基底,融合取样手法和丰富的声响设计,开创了独树一格也能被大众接受的日系甜丧曲风。他们亦以首张专辑《Dear》入围第29 届金曲奖最佳乐团奖。

Nominated as Band of the Year at 2018’s Golden Melody Awards, these Taiwanese indie rockers are famous for their lively Bagatelle-music style, mixing diverse sounds of musical instruments with elements from eclectic genres and thus creating their own unique chill style.


Joanne Tang, who goes by 9m88 or Baba for short, is a Taiwanese jazz-pop adventurer who cut her teeth at New York’s New School for Jazz and Contemporary music, before her 2018 cover of ‘Plastic Love’, the Mariya Takeuchi city pop classic, went viral. Known for her stylish retro charm and buttery-smooth vocals, 9m88 has also performed with the acclaimed Cloud Gate Dance Theater.


Night Keepers is a psychedelic electronic Taiwanese band with roots in folk music, writing songs in both Chinese and English. They have released one album Nightland and one audio-book/ EP The Guidebook to a Good Night. They are also active in video game music productions and film score compositions.


With their flamboyant costumes, flashy album design, and humorous social media presence, the Taiwanese band ooze positive, infectious energy. After releasing their 2019 debut album Call Me When Night Go Blue, they rode a wave of popularity that took them to a well-deserved Golden Melody Awards nomination for Band of the Year.


The indie trio have the chilled, fuzz-rock vibe down pat. Occupying that coveted slot between mainstream and indie, these newcomers have created a dreamworld of their own – jangly guitar riffs, a softly insistent beat, and a gentle mix of English, Mandarin and even Hakka lyrics mean they sound instantly unique and universal at the same time. Before you know it, you’d be bobbing along, come what may.

DJ Stage

兔魔耍正 tumozazen

tumozazen 來自イルカポリス 海豚刑警,選曲的sense 一聽就懂更是讓人上癮,雙子座的兔魔耍正,永遠抓不到他下一首會放什麼;下一步又會做出什麼,tumozazen言:我判你有罪,陶「罪」。

tumozazen is the DJ moniker of Marko Woo, the lead singer of Iruka Porisu, the quirky Taiwanese indie collective. As tumozazen, she has built a reputation for her technical wizardry at the decks and delivering indie-rock-meets-disco sets packed with zingers in multiple languages from Mandarin to Hokkien to Japanese. You can never quite tell what she’s going to spin next, but one thing’s for sure: it’d be infectious and you’d be dancing in no time!

KiDG Presents Tiko Disko

Tiko Disko由Tiko Jackson(又名KiDG)和联合创始人Sir Chico Montagut于2013年创立,音乐风格旨在重温亚洲放克和迪斯科的辉煌时光。这组DJ将其重新定义为“元气放克和浴池灵魂”乐风,齐集日本、韩国、台湾、香港、新加坡、马来西亚、泰国、柬埔寨、印度、土耳其和其他异国音乐,为大家带来无限自由愉悦的迷幻好时光。

Started in 2013 by Tiko Jackson (aka KiDG) & co-founder, Sir Chico Montagut, the aim of Tiko Disko is to revisit the glory days of Asian funk & disco. Re-labeled as ‘Jizz Funk & Jacuzzi Soul’, the DJ collective gathers music from regions like Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Turkey & other exotic places to bring you a psychedelic time capsule filled with uninhibited free love and guilty pleasures.

Joe Ng

Joe Ng被誉为新加坡地下音乐界的先锋人物,他致力宣传推广各式演出和乐团,并倡导助人自助精神。他亦曾成立Corporate Toil(实验电子乐)、Padres(独立摇滚)和Localbarboy(向新加坡摇滚乐致敬的翻唱乐团)。近年,他将重心转向为影剧作品制作音乐。此外,他也曾在已结业的Home Club担任长达十年的驻场DJ (Beat!, Kicks)。

Joe Ng is feted as a pioneer name in the Singapore underground music scene, promoting gigs, producing bands and championing the D-I-Y ethos. He formed bands such as Corporate Toil (experimental electronic), Padres (indie rock) and Localbarboy (a Singapore rock music tribute covers band). A versatile music composer, he works across styles and genres. Of late, he has composed music for film and television and enjoyed a decade-long DJ residency (Beat!, Kicks) at Home Club.

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